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4 Free Stock Sites We Love

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Who doesn’t love an amazing photo that makes you say, “Wow, check this out!” or a compelling video that brings tears to your eyes? When it comes to marketing, a gorgeous photograph or scene can make the difference between a killer campaign or a mediocre campaign. (Or a crazy image like the one above can make someone stop in their tracks and think “what in the world…?”)

When it comes to promoting your business, who wants to settle for mediocre? Hopefully, no one. That’s why at TRIO, we always make sure our clients are putting their best foot forward by using the best possible images and videos to support their brands and marketing goals.

An added bonus to our clients is our talented in-house photographer and videographer (hey, Brice!). Brice is a whiz behind the lens and able to bring your brand to life through visual storytelling.

We realize, however, there are times when clients don’t have the time or budget to invest in their own high-quality images or video library. And purchasing stock images or videos may not be an option either. This is where we get thrifty and turn to some of our trusty resources, like our four favorite free stock sites:


With more than 1.5 million free stock public domain pictures, illustrations, vector graphics and film footage, this Switzerland-originated website is a worldwide go-to for just about any topic you can imagine. TIP: The more general you can be in your search on this website, the better.


Pexels is continuously updated every day with new high-resolution images. All images are licensed under the Pexels license and are handpicked from photo uploads by Pexels users or are sourced from other free image websites. TIP: In true creative-centric fashion, Pexels allows you to modify and edits the photos as you like.


What we love about Unsplash is that the majority of the images included on this website don’t look like stock. That’s because they really aren’t. Unsplash has more than 550,000 free high-resolution images from more than 70,000 contributing photographers, all of which look extra artsy and professional. TIP: Unsplash claims to offer a level of quality higher than the others. See for yourself.


When it comes to finding stock video footage, Videvo is the first place we go. In addition to stock footage, this website also includes motion graphics, music and sound effects. This UK-based business has a goal to be the world’s #1 source for stock images and motion graphics. TIP: Keep in mind that not all footage is available for commercial projects. Before you commit to footage, make sure to look under the “Usage” on the clip download page to see if you’re cleared for commercial use.

And there you have it, TRIO’s top four free stock sites. Can’t find what you need there? Interested in learning more about how TRIO can help strengthen your brand with quality photos and videos? Let’s grab a cup of coffee sometime and talk about it! After all, research shows that nothing conveys your marketing message better than imagery. We can make that happen!



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