02/23/2011 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations, Miscellaneous, Social Media

Academy Awards Go Interactive

TRIO gets excited about all things ‘new-and-improved’ in the world of web design and interactive initiatives. Internet-based technology and its capabilities are progressing at a dizzying pace and we sometimes wonder if the general public is keeping up or left scratching their heads. With Oscar-night quickly approaching, we are anxious to see if their efforts to make a heavy push with their online viewers take off like fireworks or fizzles like a handful of Pop Rocks gone bad.

In just over four days, the red carpet will once again be rolled out as the 83rd annual Academy Awards air on ABC television network. The show’s website shares exciting news… “You’re invited!”

This year, oscar.com is taking the popular film-industry awards ceremony to a whole new level and giving viewers access that “even the winners don’t have”. If you pony up $4.99 you gain ‘full access’ and can essentially direct your own show. Choose from different camera shots throughout the night – not just of the main awards ceremony – but also from different back-stage and dressing-room cameras and even follow celebrities to the after-party events.

The extensive site has also embedded a Twitter feed that will scroll real-time tweets from nominees during the show. We can only hope that Kanye has managed to make it into this list somehow to ensure viewer-entertainment.

In the meantime, as the countdown ticks on, you can visit Oscar.com and watch different red-carpet style contests or vote for who you think will win in each category of awards. As the actual winners are announced on Sunday evening, you will be updated on your accuracy – or if you’re as inept in the movie-scene as I am, your lack thereof.

Regardless of who walks away with the ‘Best Picture’ award, it’s likely the online advertisers for this site will gleefully report record-breaking ROI numbers to their boss on Monday morning and feel like they themselves have won an Oscar.



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