11/15/2018 Graphic Design, Marketing and Public Relations

Brands TRIO Loves

As a marketing communications agency, our team cannot help but fall in love with brands of all shapes and sizes. It’s in our DNA. When we find an organization that resonates with us or demonstrates exceptional brand strategy, it gives us all the feels and inspires us to build strong brands for our clients, too.

To us, a successful brand combines all the key elements: its purpose, its presentation and its promise in order to create a cohesive message that connects with customers on a deeper level. And while everyone has a different idea about what core element truly makes a brand great, there is no denying that the best brands are the ones who seek to create experiences beyond the initial purchase of their products.

Below, our team shares just a few of the reasons why their favorite brands will always hold a special place in their hearts:

Bio-Oil Branding

Bio Oil – Taylor Ion, account manager

“I was first attracted to Bio Oil because of their subtle branding and use of one color. They actually just rebranded to a more modern typeface. I LOVE THEIR PRODUCT SO MUCH and use it constantly. Besides using Bio Oil for stretch marks and scars, I use it for cuticle nail care, moisturizer serum in the winter for dry skin, healing cracked heels and bug bites. It’s incredible!”

Rothy's Branding

Rothy’s – Laurel Welch, graphic designer

“I’m loving the brand Rothy’s! They produce eco-friendly shoes made from plastic bottles. I appreciate their sophisticated, yet approachable branding and given the durability of their shoes, I’m sure I’ll be wearing them for years.”

Hollis Co. Branding

The Hollis Company – Abbie Linnerud, account manager

“I first discovered The Hollis Company through their podcast, “RISE Together,” which focuses on relationships and gives applicable next steps to make your relationship the best it can be. I’ve been extremely encouraged by engaging with their brand through social media and I’m currently reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. Both my husband Ben and I are encouraged by the work that they do and have seen how their company has impacted our lives, both individually and together.”Google Branding

Google – Shaun Otherson, web developer

“I love Google and the way they design their products around solving needs versus profitability. They design everything to be accessible to many versus a select few. Also, they are some of the smartest people in the world so that can’t be bad, can it?”

 Disney Branding

Disney – Jenny Dennis, COO

“My favorite brand of all time is DISNEY! Their approach to the guest experience and customer service is truly excellent. I have countless magical stories of my Disney brand experiences.”

 Vans Branding

Vans – Mark Emerson, director of digital marketing

“I’ve been brand loyal to Vans for 25 years or so. I suppose that began due to their legacy and identity with surfing and skating culture, but has likely also evolved into comfort and familiarity over the years. I appreciate that they have never completely lost focus of their core audience, they have maintained their classic products through various evolutions and they have always supported events that cater to their core audience — including many small and local events.”

 Kate Spade Branding

Kate Spade – Julia Bailey, agency coordinator

“I love EVERYTHING Kate Spade. Not only do they make high quality products at good prices, but their purpose is to create products that are useful and playful and speak to our childish, fun-loving side. They also have a foundation that is insanely awesome and trains low-income women in New York to allow them to find a trade.”  

Rifle Paper Branding

Rifle Paper Co. – Katie Ecrement, content developer

“I have been using their planners for YEARS and could not recommend this company more. They have absolutely incredible customer service, always have sales and their products are beyond gorgeous. Just following them on Instagram will inspire you to add a little more whimsical floral design into your life.”

What brand makes your heart swell up with joy? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! We would love to hear from you.



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