10/24/2014 CreateAthon, Make a Difference, Marketing and Public Relations

CreateAthon Update

How is team TRIO doing at 3 a.m. as we near the end of CreateAthon? As I walked around to check in with everyone, I got some groggily and delirious responses…
Laurel: “Hope I can finish.”
Marcus: “Numb to the 80’s music.”
Alison: “Ready to start this website. My creative juices are really starting to flow!”
Jordan: “My 80’s alter ego is Shamika and she’s already had too many caramel cookies!”
Jennifer: “It’s getting late (and weird) at this year’s totally tubular CreateAthon and my baby boy is practicing his jazzercise moves in my belly!”
Rachel: “CreateAthon has really made me embrace my 80’s crimped hairstyle.”
Melissa: “I feel the need, the need for speed.”
Caitlin: “Loved throwing neon paint on our tablecloth. I might just take it to use in my house!”
Sallie: “I think I’m hungry again?”
Jessica: “This year’s CreateAthon has already been a slam dunk.”
Before it gets totally gnarly and weird, I’m going to grab my fourth cup of coffee and blast the song, “Eye of the Tiger” to stay focused.


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