02/26/2013 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations, Social Media

Digital Dizziness

If we had all the time in the world, we would blog three times a day on the latest digital marketing news and updates. But just because we aren’t pushing updates to you as they happen doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention for your sake.

We’ve kept tabs on this year’s latest tools and tricks and felt the following tidbits were worth sharing with you. If you have questions or want to know more about any of these topics, please let your account manager know or call us at (843) 216-0442!

  • Google AdWords offers new coupon component:
    Many of our clients utilize Google AdWords in their SEO campaigns. This new update from the Google mammoth will allow your ads to contain coupon elements. It doesn’t look like it will increase your price-per-click, and those who do click land on a unique page with your printable coupon. We’ll watch this as it rolls out and suggest it when appropriate.
  • Facebook Gifts & Cards:
    Facebook has began to push their new Gift platform – and we’re buying! This is a fun, easy way to brighten someone’s day – for a birthday, holiday or just because. It’s incredibly easy and fast. From the business viewpoint, you can now submit a request to have your product offered in their ‘gift shop’.
    Facebook also wants to claim a physical place in your wallet. They are slowly unveiling a Facebook Card that will work like a mega re-usable gift card to multiple vendors. We have some employees that love this concept but would like to see it as an app instead of a physical card. Starbucks App anyone?
  • Advertising on Twitter:
    Twitter has also begun to vamp up its efforts to boost profitability. While promoted tweets have been an option for the ‘elite’ Twitter users, a new advertising platform is being tested now and will soon be more accessible. We’ll keep you informed on the latest.
    If you’re an avid Twitter user, you may have noticed you have a slightly shortened window to share your message. If you attach a link to your tweet, you are now limited to 118 characters. Read why (and don’t blame us).

We’ll pause here and let the vertigo subside. We are happy to ‘steady’ you at any point and have a quick chat on what you – individually – should be paying attention to or forgetting about.



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