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DISC Profiles in the Workplace

Did you know that the man behind the creation of Wonder Woman is also partially responsible for the modern-day DISC profile? In 1928, Dr. William Marston, also a contributor to the first polygraph test, published Emotions of Normal People, which has inspired the DISC models that so many workplaces adhere to. You’ve probably taken this test at work, or even completed of the free online versions, but have you thought about what it means in terms of interacting with your coworkers, or people that you manage or that manage you?

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At TRIO, we pride ourselves on our company culture, and that means learning about personality types and healthy conflict resolution. We value the diversity of our employees by practicing the five behaviors of a cohesive team and coming together for an annual retreat. Understanding our peer’s DISC profiles plays a big role in our team’s success.

D: Dominance

An employee with high levels of dominance will likely be straightforward and results-driven. They may not be one for small talk, but only because they’re so focused on getting the job done. The best way to communicate with a coworker with high dominance levels is to narrowly focus on solutions, results and the bottom line. By showing confidence and honoring their determined nature, you can help them reach your shared goals.

I: Influence

When communicating with I-style coworkers, think of yourself as a fellow collaborator on equal planes. I-style employees value a coaching style of management and are highly motivated by social factors and freedom of expression. It’s best to stay upbeat and positive and let them embark on their creative journeys with a certain level of autonomy. Positive encouragement and check-ins are necessary with employees with high levels of influence.

S: Steadiness

We all know the saying, “slow and steady wins the race.” For employees with high levels of steadiness in their DISC profiles, this is a lifestyle. Providing clear expectations and a controlled environment helps S-style employees reach their most productive state. Since they’re frequently described as inclusive and humble, S-style employees are a great addition to any team.

C: Conscientiousness

An employee with high C scores greatly values accuracy and quality. They can be extremely detail oriented and can be limited by their highly critical nature if placed in the wrong position. You may think of a C-style employee as a perfectionist. To best communicate with these people, you must practice patience and focus on details.

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