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TRIO’s List of Fresh Facebook Live Ideas

So you’ve decided to go Facebook live. Congratulations! Video is the highest-performing organic content across all platforms, and marketers who use video grow revenue 49 percent faster than non-video users. Plus, 100 million hours of video are consumed on Facebook every day. All of that is to say, you’ve made a good choice. Since you may be a little nervous, we’ve put together some tips to make your live session a huge success:

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Tell people that you’re going live. To get the most viewers, you need to advertise sufficiently to get the word out. Boost some posts with the news, send out an email blast, and hype people up to tune in. Make an outline for your broadcast so you can stay focused and make sure your bandwidth level is healthy before showtime. Bugging out after all your preparation would be such a shame!


Take a deep breath and stay calm. It’s important to remain present so that you show your most authentic self. Make sure you respond to commenters during your session and read their questions out loud so people can easily follow along. Be gracious and thank the viewer for engaging and don’t forget to ask for follows at the end of your session!


Share your recording on your feed as a boosted post so that people who weren’t able to join in can get a recap. Make sure you have an interesting caption that hooks the reader and makes them want to stop to watch.

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Now that you’ve mastered the process, what about topics? There are only so many you can come up with organically. Here are some prompts that you can use to get the juices flowing:

  • Unpacking videos are immensely popular. Hop in on the trend. If you don’t have scores of followers sending you packages, go shopping or film around the holidays.
  • Teach a skill. People can commiserate with learning how to do something for the first time and will hopefully laugh in a sympathetic way when you accidentally hammer your thumb instead of a nail.
  • If you’re involved with an exhibit, gallery or museum, take a tour. People will love to follow along, especially those in different parts of the country who wouldn’t usually be able to attend.
  • Interview someone interesting and take questions from the audience.
  • If your organization has services or groups, now’s a great time to live stream so others can join in.
  • People love pets. Set up a pet cam for an hour and call it a day.
  • For any monumental occasions, like giving day, set up a live broadcast with donors and showcase any activities or events that are being held.
  • What is something people may not know or understand about your business? If you can think of more than one answer, you should hold a q&a session.


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