03/13/2014 Marketing and Public Relations, Social Media

The Latest Facebook Updates Could Affect Your Business

If you didn’t already know, Facebook, the powerhouse of all social media sites, recently turned the big 1-0. Yes, 10 years ago, Facebook was almost unheard of — and look where it is now. Throughout the years, Facebook has made many changes, some we like and some we may not, but there is no stopping the brand’s evolution.

In December, Facebook changed the way it selects the stories and updates you see in your news feed. It is now favoring what it deems “important” content and stories over viral videos and “memes.”  Because of this adjustment, your business may experience a situation where fewer fans are actually seeing its posts. Promoting posts is one way to counter this drop in visibility.

In February, Facebook made yet another change to its news feed algorithm to help expand audience reach. When a Facebook page tags a brand or celebrity Facebook page in a post, it may now be visible to followers of both pages. For example, let’s say TRIO tagged the Apple Store in a post. Not only will our fans see the post, but the 1.7 million fans who subscribe to the Apple Store news feed might also see it.

Ultimately, it’s up to you on how to take advantage of Facebook’s algorithm updates. Let us help you get started



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