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How and Why to Use Infographics

You can easily define infographics by simply breaking down the term: information displayed through graphics. Last year, 65% of B2B marketers used infographics. (Hubspot) Are you using them for your business’ content strategy? Should you?


The answer, in most cases, is yes, you should be including infographics in your content strategy. In terms of data visualization, infographics make it easy for readers to understand statistics and it makes much more of an impression than a block of text. After all, 65 percent of the population are visual learners, and the brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. (Constant Contact) These factors, combined with the format, make infographics very sharable on social media. By including your website and logo when making infographics, you’re furthering your brand recognition and positioning your company as experts. However, if you’re designing specifically for social, keep in mind logo and copy guidelines when it comes to boosted posts. Another thing to consider is the high number of mobile users. Make sure you think about the amount of content and text size that you’d be able to process while viewing an infographic on your smartphone.

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First, decide what you should include. Present the most interesting factoids front and center since that’s what will most likely pull people’s attention. Play around with pie charts, pictoral charts, line charts, bar charts, word clouds, different color schemes, layouts and more. The most exciting infographics are those that tie graphics into the information; for instance, if you’re sharing statistics about ocean pollution, it would be appealing to use fishes, nets and other maritime-related thematic elements.

Infographics can be used in a variety of instances, including annual reports and timelines, and can also be used to show step-by-step processes and when sharing statistics. The next time you have information to share, consider using an inforgraphic.

There are many free templates online, and you can also create amazing infographics in PowerPoint and Canva. If you’d like to create something completely custom and statement-making, reach out to our graphic design experts!



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