07/24/2017 Graphic Design, Marketing and Public Relations, Social Media

Ken Bowman Comes Into Focus

Over the years, we have had the pleasure and privilege of working with clients from all walks of life, in the Southeast and beyond. And while we love all of our clients equally (seriously, we do!), there is definitely a special place in our heart for our clients who are local entrepreneurs.

Maybe it’s because TRIO was built by a local entrepreneur – what up, boss lady! – but we love working alongside locals who love our city and love what they do just as much as we do.

Enter Ken Bowman, a photographer who has dedicated his life to capturing the charming lifestyle and natural beauty of our beloved Lowcountry. When we first met Ken, we knew that he was going to be an incredible client to work with. He had the eye, he had the passion — all that was missing was a brand and a plan.

That’s where we came in. Our team got to work developing a brand identity that captured Ken’s unique style and the gorgeous images he captured.

We focused our efforts on creating a logo that represented the iconic Lowcountry architecture Ken often captured. We wanted to use colors that would convey the warm and inviting nature of Ken’s personality as well as conceptually represent the contrast of light and shadows that are so present in his images.

The result was better than anyone of us could have hoped for:

Ken Bowman Photography

Following the logo development, we crafted various post cards and collateral pieces that Ken could use to showcase his work and promote his brand. After that, we got to work building his social media presence, establishing a significant, loyal following.

Ken Bowman Photography

Today, we are now responsible for maintaining the integrity of Ken’s brand, managing his social media accounts, developing quarterly newsletters and are in the process of working on a much-anticipated coffee table book that would showcase years and years of Ken’s incredible work (More on that soon!).

It’s been an honor for us to be a part of Ken’s journey. We look forward to seeing what the future holds!

Check out Ken’s work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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