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Staying up-to-date with marketing’s latest trends

digital marketing in charlestonPart of our job as marketers is to stay on top of trends. After all, to provide the expertise, we need to be experts, and in an ever-changing landscape, that requires constant learning. When we’re not creating social media campaigns, designing a new website, putting together a print ad or working on any number of other marketing projects, we’re checking out these sources to get the latest scoop:

American Marketing Association 

We love the American Marketing Association! In fact, in 2018, our COO and creative director, Jenny Dennis, was nominated for marketer of the year and in 2011, our founder and president, Jessica Munday, won marketer of the year. Our PR manager, Stephanie Maples, is a recent board member and we’re even hosting an AMA-sponsored coffee talk on technology trends for successful event management on August 23. Besides these in-person resources, we also enjoy receiving the Journal of Marketing Research in the mail and exploring their webinars and other online content created specifically for today’s marketers. 

marketing in charleston sc


HubSpot has a ton of resources that are often overlooked by those using their services. Not only do they provide valuable market research, but they also have a blog that covers every marketing topic you could think of. They’re also one of many websites that includes the time it will take you to read the article, which we appreciate! Their infographics are especially helpful and their content is refreshed frequently, giving you something new to read every time you visit.  

The Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute often provides different takes on marketing subjects. Take this headline: “What If You and Your Brand Could Break Up with Social Media?” When you’re consulting different sources on a similar topic, it’s exciting to find new takes. Their headlines can give your blog inspiration!

The Story of Telling

When it comes down to it, marketing is all about storytelling. That’s why we love this newsletter! We also love the short-form blog for its originality and out-of-the-box content.

marketing in charleston scMarketingProfs

Podcasts! Infographics! Charts! Blogs! MarketingProfs has all these things and more. They also have amazing webinars, many of which are free of charge. 

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the king of SEO. From his podcast to his blog to his YouTube channel, he has an endless amount of resources to help marketers improve their SEO tactics to keep up with Google’s latest algorithms. 


We use Moz as a tool to track how we’re doing with our SEO clients, but they also have an incredible amount of resources for those learning SEO for the first time or if you just need a brush-up. They also have a “Top 10” newsletter that’s incredibly valuable for staying on-trend.

Nonprofit Tech for Good

We work with a lot of nonprofit clients, so this website (and their newsletter) is an excellent, targeted resource that’s provided a lot of value over the years. From statistics to best practices, Nonprofit Tech for Good is a straightforward website that is packed with content to help you make a difference

Honorable mentions go to LinkedIn, Facebook Business Manager and Google, who all offer valuable resources and tools for professionals and amateurs alike!

If you’re feeling hyped up about marketing after checking out these awesome resources, give us a call or shoot us an email at info@trio-solutions.com. We can help take your marketing strategies to the next level!

Abbie Linnerud

Abbie Linnerud

Director of Client Services

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