10/13/2010 Marketing and Public Relations, Miscellaneous, Office Culture

One Marlin or Sixteen Trout?

The ladies of TRIO (and a few of our favorite supporting gentlemen) finally made time to get out and see the hit movie Social Network last night. As a marketing agency that has fully embraced Facebook and all of it’s social networking power, we had high expectations going into the sold-out theater. If nothing else, the movie is entertaining and truly gives the viewer insight into how the site came to be. The well-written and executed script is played out by a quick-witted cast of some familiar and some not-so-familiar faces. If you have little to no experience in computer code and the accompanying jargon, then upward of 10 percent of the movie is likely to feel like buzz in your ears.

As we filed out of the cozy Cinebarre theater at the end of the night, it was agreed that we all learned something and most felt a tinge of remorse toward the man behind the ‘Face’. Virginia mentioned that it would be interesting to see Mr. Zuckerberg’s response in a new version of the film produced by the entrepreneur himself. How would he defend his somewhat tarnished image – and what’s more – how would “Eduardo” tell the same story?

So what are some takeaways?

First – if you have any aspirations of holding public office one day – or starting your own billion-dollar corporation, then stay away from chickens (and maybe frat parties, while you’re at it).

Second – when it comes to both business and life decisions – are you going after the 16 small trout in the pond, or the single large marlin?



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