12/01/2014 Marketing and Public Relations

Spin the New Year

As the new year approaches, often we feel anxious, asking ourselves questions like, “Where are we?” and “Where are we going?” During this time of reflection that creeps up on us year after year, we go through the predictable tradition of forming New Year’s resolutions.

But hold on! We’re a marketing firm founded on creative principles, a bustling ad agency manned with talented graphic designers, planning and social media experts, communication experts and copywriters. Taking the old and making it new is our specialty. If anyone can put a fresh spin on a stale concept, we can!

We’re rethinking this traditional process and approaching it as we would an ad campaign for a product or service in need of rejuvenation. This year, let’s refocus on “inspirations” and less on “resolutions.” Let’s not wait until the new year, but begin now. Take a few moments to:

· Look deep inside;
· Listen to your surroundings;
· Consider other people’s points of view; and
· Read and daydream.

You’ll find that if you do these things, inspiration will find you and bring creativity and fresh ideas to your work and your life. To be creative is, after all, a method of seeing what you’ve already seen in a new light. Or suddenly seeing what you couldn’t see as a result of turning on a new mental light. Opening up to this mental light provides a new perspective. It can transform your insight, understanding and priorities.

Try taking it a step further by responding, acting and handling yourself differently than you did last year – fresh seeing, fresh responses and better results. It’s an approach that can transcend both your professional and personal life. In more ways than one, it’s out with the old and in with the new! Cheers to a new way of thinking about the new year!



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