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Teamwork makes the dream work

It’s hard to believe that Facebook and Twitter opened their platforms up to the world nearly 15 years ago. First, individuals jumped on board, followed by businesses and organizations. People quickly realized that social media was a time suck. Companies realized that to “do it right,” attention to social media channels was a must. But how would they find the time? Enter, Team TRIO!

Since 2007, TRIO has been helping our clients navigate the ever-changing social media landscape while at the same time making sure our clients’ brands grow through the use of social media. Is it time-consuming? Absolutely. Is there a method to the madness? There better be if you want to be effective and see results.

While TRIO was one of the first agencies in the Charleston, SC area to offer full-service social media management services, we quickly realized that our services had to be paired with someone on the client-side. To make the most of social media, we had to create an optimal presence on each channel that had to include day-of posts and pre-planned, curated content.

Our services let our clients sleep at night, knowing that we have them covered. Strong cover image: check; perfectly sized profile pic: check; someone to monitor messages and never miss a client’s DM: check. But even with all of the incredible services that our team could bring to the table, our team can’t be onsite with the client all of the time. Enter, social media-savvy client liaison.

Over the years, Team TRIO has perfected the client-TRIO mashup for social media success. When the client matches a team member who enjoys social media and loves to showcase the “boots-on-the-ground activity” with our team, social media magic happens.

Social media activity is doubled. All bases are covered. The agency and the client are working in tandem, and the results include:

  • Audience growth
  • Brand engagement increases
  • Content reach expands
  • Website traffic increase
  • New client growth
  • Growth in leads
  • Search engine optimization
  • And more

The key to social media success is creating a social media team. When your team includes the following roles, you set yourself up to benefit from a social media dream team.

  • Social media expert
  • Communication pro
  • Graphic designer
  • Copywriter
  • Social media analyst
  • Ambassador

For most businesses, especially small to mid-sized businesses, it’s not feasible to employ an entire social media team to fill all of these roles. This is where a relationship with a marketing agency specializing in social media management can prove extremely useful.

If you are a business struggling with how to run your business, serve your clients and maintain an active social media presence, reach out to Team TRIO today to learn about our social media packages. From training to hashtag research to content development, we have you covered.

If managed properly, social media can build a captive audience, increase brand awareness and convert followers to customers but in the end, it always comes back to your goals. Let TRIO create a social media strategy for your business today!

Jessica Munday

Jessica Munday

CEO & Founder

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