11/20/2012 Marketing and Public Relations, Office Culture

Team TRIO is Thankful for…

“I feel so thankful that I’m able to be a part of something that I love to wake up and run to work every day.”
Alexander Wang [American fashion designer], and all TRIO employees

Ok, ok – let’s be honest. Who would run to work? Especially when you can skip there.

The team at TRIO wants to be certain that you – our clients, partners, families and friends – know that we are thankful for, well, you. You make what we do possible and we love every minute of it. (Except when the printer acts up or the internet goes down.) From our humble beginnings as a company starting out more than 10 years ago, to where we are today, we positively dig each and every opportunity to see our work and creative skills make a difference in our community and ultimately the world. Meaningful work is at the core of the TRIO world. Without it, our jobs would seem worthless and empty. Our mission, vision and philosophy drive everything that we create, develop and produce.

I asked each of our team members what they are thankful for, outside of our time at TRIO. We hope you are able to make some time to relax and soak in uninterrupted time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving and truly reflect on what it is in your life right now that fills you with gratitude.

“I am thankful for…

  • … the life I have been given. Today and every day.” – Jessica
  • … music. No matter how you’re feeling or what the occasion is, it’s always there for you.” – Jennifer
  • … peace, love, and happiness! And of course all the wonderful people that surround my life!” – Caitlin W.
  • … each and every day (carpe diem!), my health, loving family, wonderful friends, BUSTER and Pandora.” – Caitlin R.
  • … my loving family and surrogate Thanksgiving family. I’m also thankful for Amazon.com.” – Melissa
  • … that I get to live/work in the best city in the world! #chs” – Alison
  • … my husband, my health, my iPhone, my dog, and my family.” – Brooke
  • … my daughter’s health and for Dora the Explorer, to whom I owe my sanity at times.” – Brad
  • … my mom. And Sherman.” – Lucy
  • … Timefox! I mean.. time with my family, and for this beautiful city we get to call home.” – Jordan




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