04/15/2015 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations

The Evolution of Content Marketing

After this season’s premiere of Mad Men, I was really inspired by the rawness and purity of the content Don Draper and the other characters had the ability to create. I thought instantly, back in “the day” writers didn’t have the internet and social media to visit to assist them in coming up with their “original ideas”. Content was truly creative, unique and transparent.

As I immediately went to Google to help generate an idea for this blog post, it hit me. In a world where almost every brand and company is on social media, content has to be more original to be recognized and successful. It’s such a simple idea yet most content writers and marketing strategists are all fighting for elbow room in the same small box of ideas. When trying to come up with unique ideas, it’s important to remember the basics and keep it simple. Below are five simple tips and strategies on how to develop fresh content.

  1. First impressions are everything.

It’s important to try and make your content stand out amongst the never-ending social media newsfeeds filled with brands and images of other companies. If you give someone a great first impression of your company, they will remember it.

  1. Write quality content.

People do not have time to scroll through information that is irrelevant, boring or poorly presented. Get to the point and make sure you have correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Professionalism is key.

  1. Add appealing images and graphics.

Professional-looking visuals will help your content get to the point, simplify ideas and boost readership. People like pictures.

  1. Use innovative content formats.

This is an important aspect in today’s culture. Get creative with your formatting by videos, podcasting or other formats to expand your content. Stay updated on the newest social media outlets and trends. Use them to your advantage.

  1. Understand your audience.

I’m sure you’ve read countless articles on “the importance of knowing your audience”, but I will reiterate; knowing your audience is the most important key. By knowing your biggest fans, you may learn something that can help expand your ideas and even build a community of brand support.



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