08/19/2014 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations

If You’re Not Thinking Mobile, You’re Just Not Thinking!

It’s no secret that the use of mobile devices is exploding. Just look around—they’re in everybody’s hands! By the end of 2014, there will be more mobile-connected devices on earth than there are people, according to Cisco’s 2014 Mobile Traffic Forecast. The same report indicates that last year alone, global mobile data traffic grew by more than 80 percent.

You can use this growing need for on-the-go access to your advantage, to reach people who want to find you and your information while away from a desk. And keep that in mind—people on the move are looking for fast, to-the-point messaging. They’ll give up if it takes too long to navigate or load. So make sure your website is mobile browser-friendly. Optimize it for a smaller screen so it’s a simplified, easier-to-read version. Don’t just shrink it; use less text and make sure it’s built for mobile use.

Personalized and immediate, mobile messaging and marketing can also be very cost-effective. Affordable options abound, including text messaging, very targeted ads and the use of location data to find customers.

Social media users, in particular, tend to be and rely almost exclusively on mobile devices. According to a recent industry report, more than 90 percent of Pinterest users, 86 percent of Twitter users, 68 percent of Facebook users and 46 percent of Tumblr users are mobile.

This is quite an opportunity. Think mobile, and make sure your message gets to the right hands! Let us help your business become mobile-friendly.

Jessica Munday

Jessica Munday

CEO & Founder

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