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TikTok! TikTok! It could be time to take your business viral.

From the birth of your child to your wedding day, there are some moments in life that you just cannot miss. The great TikTok Boom (historical nickname trademark pending) is absolutely one of these moments. 

Now, you may think that comparison is a little extreme, and while you may be right, we’ll never admit it! In fact, we’d like to argue that the potential benefits of a well-utilized TikTok could be just as life-altering for you and your business if done right. There’s a lot to gain by diving into this platform, and we’re here to give you a glimpse of all that could be.

Is your business ready to TikTok & Roll?

While we can (and will) list the reasons why time spent on TikTok can help businesses soar, it’s important to note that this video platform is not one size fits all. Just like Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and more, this social media site may be better suited for some businesses over others. 

So…is it right for you? TikTok may be “the One” for your business if you meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Your audience leans toward the younger crowds – late teens to early 40s.
  2. You’re looking to reach a younger audience.
  3. Your products/services are visually appealing or can be presented in a way that is.
  4. Your brand is open to creating light, fun and engaging content.
  5. You’re open to experimenting with an exciting new platform.

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, great! Let’s get ready to TikTok & Roll! If this doesn’t sound like a fit…also great! Knowing your business’ strengths and needs is half the marketing battle. We’ve written plenty of blogs on effective marketing tactics that may do the trick.

Pro Tip: As with all things in life, teamwork makes the dream work! Communicate your TikTok strategy with your team (and what a TikTok is if needed). Not everyone likes being on camera, so make sure you’ve got members who are comfortable on film and excited to collaborate.

How can TikTok help your business grow?

The power of TikTok cannot be understated, and, with the right moves and a touch of creativity, your business can capitalize on the growth it offers.

  • TikTok puts you in touch with a MASSIVE audience. In 2021, this social media behemoth reported around 1 billion monthly users, with over 138 million in the U.S. alone as of August 2022. TikTok is currently available in over 150 countries (75+ languages). Although its trends can change like the weather, it appears the app itself is here to stay.
  • TikTok helps you connect with your audience (if using the right content). Currently, the average TikTok user is between their teens and early 40s, with 80% of users between ages 16-30. Content on the app is primarily skewed toward fun and lighthearted, so creating videos that pass its audience’s vibe check is essential in holding this demographic’s attention.
  • TikTok can help you increase your conversion rate. Looking for a way to make a meaningful marketing impact? Studies have shown that using short, fun CTAs in your TikTok videos can lead to a 152% increase in conversion rates. This isn’t very surprising when you learn that 37% of app users seek out and purchase the products they view.
  • TikTok can help you boost your brand awareness, too. Because of its uniquely rapidly changing landscape, TikTok is prime for new user discoveries. Daily trends, influencer collaborations and “hashtag challenges” each present an avenue for tuned-in businesses to spread their message like wildfire. (Oh, and having a savvy marketing partner can be a huge help too! ????)
  • TikTok can make your business more approachable and promotes interactivity. While comments on your Facebook are a lovely sight to see, TikTok’s approach to user collaboration is on a whole other level. Duets allow users to share your videos and build upon them with their own pieces. Live broadcasts are a perfect platform for brand Q+As. The possibilities for engagement are seemingly endless!

How to approach TikTok?

TikTok’s popularity may be sweeping cyberspace, but don’t forget that it’s still relatively fresh compared to the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Unlike the platforms that came before, content on this app is trending toward more behind-the-scenes, quirky and candid. The marketing world is still perfecting its practice…the app only launched in 2016, after all! 

Try your hand, create your voice, make some content and don’t get frustrated. Like every other creative venture, the best TikToks can come from an open-minded approach!

You’re not in this alone!

And if you need some help along the way, Team TRIO is standing by with our smartphones and marketing strategies at the ready. Visit our website to learn about our diverse marketing, web and event services, and contact us today to speak with our team. Oh, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, TikTok for all the latest from our agency!

Kevin Sninsky

Kevin Sninsky


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