09/15/2010 Marketing and Public Relations, Office Culture

TRIO Tours Hobcaw Barony

Did you know that there is a 17,500-acre historical site and research reserve just a short drive north of Charleston, nestled between the Winyah Bay and Atlantic Ocean? What a beautiful gem the barony is – and it’s right in our backyard! The Belle W. Baruch Foundation was created to oversee the property known as Hobcaw Barony, an expansive area that has seen and been a part of a great deal of history and over the past few decades, has developed into an impressive network of research programs and discovery tours and camps – all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team behind this foundation.

A few members of our Trio team were able to sneak out of the office on Tuesday and take a drive up Hwy. 17 to enjoy a tour of the land with the knowledgeable Richard who has very close ties to the history and life of Hobcaw and the Baruch family. We are so appreciative that he took the time to help us get a better understanding of the many moving parts that make up the foundation and its purpose. We will be doing our best tomorrow to produce valuable and long-lasting marketing tools that can help further the vision that Belle herself had for her home.

We urge you to learn more about the organization – or better yet – call and set up a tour for you and your family or friends! Just be prepared to see a few alligators, wild turkeys, and pigs and loads of jaw-dropping scenery!



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