03/31/2017 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…

Hello there, friend!

Welcome to TRIO’s brand spankin’ new website, complete with this awesome blog filled with lots of intellectual musings from our kick-ass team (and also the occasional recap of our latest maybe-not-so-intellectual, but really-awesome team outings)!

We hope you enjoy our new site because we had a lot of fun making it. It isn’t always easy to be your own client — especially when you have a team of perfectionists like us — but a project like this serves as a great reminder of how much we love what we do, and how incredible and patient our team is.

Plus, it’s always fun to take a walk down memory lane, browsing through all of the work we’ve done over the past 16 years. We can proudly say that we have had the privilege of working with some of the best clients out there. And while we may have had a lot of ups and the occasional downs over the years, we wouldn’t trade a single minute of any of it.

So before we get all sentimental and start blaring Sarah McLachlan on the office speakers, we’ll wrap up this blog by saying, thank you for stopping by. Browse as much as you want. Click on as many pretty pictures as you can. And if you want to be a part of our next team outing, all you have to do is ask!



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