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TRIO’s List of Essential WordPress Plugins

Plugins are basically apps for your WordPress site. Currently, there are more than 40,000 WordPress plugins. (Sumo) So how do you choose what’s most important? Our team of web designers and SEO experts put together a list of their favorite WordPress plugins to give your website a boost:

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Yoast has a bit of an addictive quality. When your metadata input is within the correct range and has the appropriate attributes, Yoast’s stoplight-style interface turns green. When all lights have turned green, it seems a bit like you have reached the next level in a game.

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WooCommerce is the top e-commerce plugin out there. They have themes, blogging, product embedding, checkout features and more. It’s a must if you’ve decided to choose WordPress over Shopify.


You obviously need a Google Analytics plugin, and MonsterInsights is by far the most WordPress friendly. Google Analytics is necessary to keep an eye on traffic and user behavior patterns once they reach your website. Just like Yoast, tracking Google Analytics is extremely addictive. Bonus: MonsterInsights also integrates easily with WooCommerce.


Speed optimization is crucial to your Google rankings. That’s why you need a plugin that ensures page speed optimization. Hummingbird is one of the highest-rated tools for this purpose and loads pages quicker so you maintain your ranking.


Mapplic reminds of playing the Sims. It allows you to easily make maps without any programming knowledge, which is great for apartments, seating reservations and more. Plus, it’s fun!

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