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Bleecker Family Law is a Charleston-based family law counsel, providing energetic and compassionate legal services for over two decades.

As the Lowcountry’s premier family law practice, Bleecker Family Law has made a name for itself by providing Charleston citizens with confident, reliable legal services.

With more than 25 years in their field, this team of legal professionals knows a thing or two about the power of good representation. That’s why they turned to TRIO when they decided to revitalize their image and strengthen their media presence.

How we helped

  • Rebrand
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Relations
  • Web Updates
  • eNewsletter
  • Blogging & SEO
  • Ad Campaign
  • Media Buying
  • Public Relations

The real impact

  • Doubled Instagram and Facebook followers within the first year of social media management
  • 63% increase in year-over-year website traffic
  • 45.8% open rate for newsletter
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Perfecting Marketing Practice

With TRIO assisting in the smooth operation of their communications, Bleecker Family Law can focus on what they do best – helping Charleston citizens succeed. Clients rest easy and know they’re in good hands when their documents feature that brilliant Bleecker branding.

You can always trust Team TRIO if you’re in need of marketing services that will keep your brand on the straight and narrow. Call us today!

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Working with TRIO has been a fabulous experience! The TRIO team is bright, energetic, enthusiastic and creative! Best I have ever seen. I highly recommend TRIO to anyone who needs to ramp up their image and their marketing. They have taken Bleecker Family Law to a new level, and we have enjoyed every minute of working with them. Anne Frances, Attorney & Founder, Bleecker Family Law
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