Serve & Connect

Serve and Connect members stacking boxes for the Greg's Groceries program

Bringing Police and Communities Together

Where police and citizens work as one.

Peace is prospering between law enforcement and citizens in Columbia, SC, due to the “we are one” mentality Serve & Connect is spreading.

Born out of tragedy but inspired by hope, Serve & Connect was founded to honor the memory of officer Greg Alia, who lost his life in 2015 in the line of duty. In the years that followed, Team TRIO has worked closely with this client, putting our full-service agency to the test to help grow its initiatives and promote its actions in the community through print, digital and event coordination projects to ensure the growth of its mission for peace.

How we helped

  • Unique logo design
  • Creative collateral support
  • User-friendly website

The real impact

  • Support in expanding Greg’s Groceries across South Carolina by doubling the number of police departments involved
  • Securing dozens of media pickups including a featured Good Morning America story about reducing gun violence
  • Reaching more than 2,000 community members through consistent event branding and promotion
Serve and Connect Greg's Groceries Logo
Serve and Connect Greg's Groceries Stickers

Feeding compassion in the community

After learning Officer Alia kept a sketchbook prior to his passing, our team knew incorporating his style into this program’s branding was the perfect way to memorialize the fallen hero. Our designers took inspiration directly from Officer Alia’s illustrations to create a branding for the food care package program that evoked the kindness and peace he sought to inspire in his community and has helped spread that feeling through each pamphlet, sticker, business card, flyer and press release created.

Serve and Connect Greg's Groceries Rack Card
Serve and Connect Greg's Groceries Business Card

An updated user-experience

When Serve & Connect needed help refreshing their website, Team TRIO answered their call. Creating a new web experience can be a large undertaking but it is well worth it when this end-result supports a mission as important as this. Utilizing each of our team members unique strengths, account managers, graphic designers, web developers and copywriters engaged cross-departmental collaboration to meet the client’s needs and exceed their expectations. This user-friendly website is formatted for all platforms, allowing visitors to learn more about this client’s events, efforts, blogs and more anywhere at any time.

All services on deck for Illuminight 2022

When Serve & Connect was ready to kick off its biggest event, Team TRIO combined marketing, digital and event services to help create a special celebration truly worthy of its community. From creating billboards that literally illuminated Illuminight 2022 to handling press releases and social media, our team was all in for this cause. And on the day of, we ensured guests were immersed in the theme through cohesive collateral, including pamphlets and drink menus that truly brought it all together. Several of our team members were even in attendance to make sure the night went smoothly!

TRIO’s elegant yet “illuminating” outdoor collateral put Illuminight Gala 2022 in the spotlight.

Our team spread word of this event through press release coordination and custom social media post copy and designs.

Presentation is key in keeping your audience’s attention. These intentionally designed event pamphlets helped keep guests interested and in the know.

Serve & Connect and their community guests enjoyed a fun-filled night helped planned by our team

Small details are important in creating memorable events. TRIO treats every piece of the project with the same time and care…even down to the drink menus!

Successful events require expert planning, and Serve & Connect’s largest fundraising event of the year went off without a hitch.

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