02/05/2008 Marketing and Public Relations, Miscellaneous

Double Space After a Period?

One of our clients recently asked us about double spaces after a period. The funny thing is that double spaces after a period originated with the typesetting machine or typewriters. Adding an extra space made it easier for the reader. However, with word processors and computers, the need for that extra space diminished. It’s not incorrect to put two spaces, it’s just not necessary nowadays. The typeface of digital fonts and a single space provides enough space to indicate the sentence is over and the next one has begun. But if you are still working on a typewriter, be sure to add that extra space. The ironic thing is the other day my five-year-old son and I were visiting my mom at her office and he noticed the typewriter in the corner of the room. He said, “Grandmother, what is wrong with that computer?”

Jessica Munday

Jessica Munday

CEO & Founder

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