11/14/2007 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations

TRIO Web Design Tips

Brief article with some tips for Web site design and content:


My favorites are:

2. Text-heavy Pages
Actually, lots of text is OK, just don’t use lengthy paragraphs with no visual breaks. Reading online is much different than print. Use the following to break-up blocks of text: shorter, more focused paragraphs; headlines and subheads; bullets and numbers; a few well-placed photos or graphics; and appropriate white space.

4. “Noise” and Clutter
Even if you have a great site, if your visitors are forced to wade through long blocks of copy, promotional offers, animation, sales pitches, and worthless dribble, you’ll quickly confuse them and drive them away.

7. Inappropriate Graphics and Photos
Photos and graphics can visually enhance the appearance of your site as well as support and substantiate your copy. But don’t use load-intensive graphics or photos of your corporate office which are relevant to no one.

Really, what it all boils down to is making sure that you have content on your Web site that people are interested in and then making it easy for them to find it and read it. Don’t just put stuff on your site to fill space. That includes photos, images, and graphics. If a picture doesn’t serve a purpose, don’t put a picture there just to make the site look pretty. It will just be another distraction that gets in a visitor’s way. Simple is good!

Jessica Munday

Jessica Munday

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