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Team TRIO’s Favorite Influencers

At TRIO, we’re always keeping watch for the latest in marketing and social media trends. When we have our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the world, we’re better able to help our clients stay fresh and current. Here are a few of our team’s favorite online influencers to help us do just that.



Design Love FestTaylor, Account Manager: As a lifestyle blogger and influencer myself, it’s very hard to narrow down just a few of my favorite social media kings and queens as I’m always searching and consuming content as reference for my own material and inspiration. But a few definitely stick out and come to mind in the different areas I write about while killing it with their marketing techniques. For fashion, Danielle Bernstein, designer, fashion blogger and all around business genius (hello Forbes 30 Under 30!) behind WeWoreWhat and Leandra Medine, journalist, shoe designer, fashion blogger and humor writer behind ManRepeller. Both are bold and unique to themselves while having such #ooak style. For design, DIY, home and overall positive life inspiration, Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest gives me all the feels with her aesthetic and attention to detail. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a Chicago native, like me!


Instagram: @weworewhat @leandramcohen @manrepeller @designlovefest



Jessica, President: Honestly, between being on social media for TRIO and our clients and teaching social media at College of Charleston, a girl needs a little break from being so “social.” LOL. In all seriousness though, if I have social media free time, my go-to is Twitter. I just grab a bag of popcorn and start scrolling. Pure entertainment. But if I had to pick my favorite on Instagram, I would have to say @jasminestar. I love her style, her witty, badass quotes and secretly want to be in her BFF squad (I mean seriously…does it get any cooler than that?).

Instagram: @jasminestar



Jenny, COO: I do not watch YouTube; however, my kids love it! They prefer YouTube over regular TV or even Netflix. All things Dolan Twins or James Charles and the Sister Squad have my 14-year-old hooked, and my 11-year-old can’t get enough of Cole and Sav.

Veuve Clicquot

There are so many Instagram accounts that I enjoy following. For me, it is all about the synergy between branding and photography. I love it when a brand’s Instagram feed is seamless and clean, and you can tell instantly who they are. Images that are highly stylized and editorial tend to woo me. One of my favorite brands to follow is @veuvecliquot. First of all, who doesn’t love champs? Second of all, who doesn’t love champs?

One of my other favorites is @jackiegreaney. I was born and raised in New England and this girl makes me homesick! Every post is like a Hallmark movie that I wish I could to jump into. When it comes to knowing who you are and staying true to it, Jackie has nailed it.

Youtube: Cole and Sav Dolan Twins

Instagram: @veuvecliquot @jackiegreaney



Stephanie, Social Media Specialist: Hands down Carly Anderson is one of my favorite Instagram influencers because of her upbeat personality, passion for kid-friendly fun (especially Disney!) and body positivity messaging for women. In a sea of “perfect” Los Angeles women, Carly went from schoolteacher to popular mommy blogger with close to 100K followers. Her profile seamlessly showcases her life in a way that is both engaging and inspiring to new moms. The family adventures are endless and her smile is infectious. Her partnerships include big brands such as Disney, Jamba Juice, Clinique and more.

Instagram: @lipglossandcrayons



Abbie, Account Manager: I absolutely adore the ever-lovely Reese Witherspoon! She not only uses her platform to share the things that she loves but she has her hand in so many projects that help empower and motivate women to be strong, lead well and stand up for what they believe in. From her Draper James line to her monthly book club, all of her various projects have consistent branding across the board and she helps us “normal folks” feel like she’s just as average and fun loving as we are.

Instagram: @reesewitherspoon



Mind Over MunchMolly, Account Manager: My favorite influencer is Alyssia Sheikh. Her platform is all about realistic eating and lifestyle habits. I actually found her through a meal-prep video on YouTube and then consistently started following her channel. I love the recipe ideas, meal-prep hacks, health education and recommendations from grocery store hauls. She can sometimes be a little too health nutty for me with keto and whole 30 (just being honest), but I appreciate how she is pure in what she presents on all of her platforms and owns who she is. I can go back to videos from five years ago or one day ago and they have the same intent and messaging–with a much-improved production quality!

YouTube: Mind Over Munch

Instagram: @mindovermunch



Laurel, Graphic Designer: One of my favorite YouTube/Instagram influencers is Hannah Shaw, a.k.a Kitten Lady. She is a professional kitten rescuer and travels to events and speaking engagements to educate and train the public on how to care for cats in need. I really appreciate how she uses her YouTube and Instagram platforms to educate and make a positive difference in cats’ lives worldwide.

YouTube: Kitten Lady

Instagram: @kittenxlady



Chris BurkardMark, Director of Digital Marketing: My favorite Instagram influencer is Chris Burkard. While I initially became aware of Chris through him being a photographer for Surfer (magazine) and publishing a book called The California Surf Project, he has since evolved into a pretty influential photographer (3M+ followers) of landscapes, nature, etc. He posts frequently but somehow manages to keep it interesting through a mix of thoughtful content and everyday occurrences through his travels. There are product placements/endorsements in some of his content and also posts pushing of some of his own photography seminars, but it’s generally subtle and not a huge distraction from his primary content. If I am being honest, I probably would not be as interested had he not come from a surfing background. He does not post much surfing-related content now, but I think it’s neat that he has expanded his influence over the past 10 years and become successful while maintaining an authentic and approachable persona.

Instagram: @chrisburkard



Julia, Agency Coordinator: Ambitious Kitchen is my favorite Instagram account! Monique keeps her Instagram engaging while still managing to keep a beautiful aesthetic. She shares recipes and keeps true to her brand. A lot of Instagrammers and YouTubers I follow spam their feed with personal information. Hers is all about her cooking!  

Instagram: @ambitiouskitchen



Lauren, Content & SEO Marketing Manager: James Corden might not be the first person you’d name when thinking of influencers, but I love his YouTube channel! Whenever I’ve had a hard day, I put on some Carpool Karaoke videos and instantly cheer up. There’s no escaping any of his posts without laughing! I also love his random sketches, like the 4 a.m. workout club with Mark Wahlberg or bad commercials with Ken Jeong.

YouTube: The Late Late Show with James Corden



Shaun, Web Developer: I don’t really follow any Instagram influencers. Well, I guess our coworker Taylor (TMI for the win) would be the only one. I do most of my influencer following on YouTube. I follow this movie/pop culture/Tech/news show called Internet Today hosted by Ricky & Eliot. They are great very informative and funny. The way they talk about world events and everything in general is hilarious and so smart. Another show I look at is Dev Tips, particularly the videos with David and Mattias. They are these two guys from Sweden (I believe) and they are hilarious. Whenever I’m diving into new coding languages their channel is usually my first stop. Their banter and the way they explain things really helps me learn something totally new. You might not understand everything they are talking about but they are still funny and I like their accents.

YouTube: DevTips Internet Today



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