02/28/2019 Marketing and Public Relations

What to consider when choosing a marketing agency

Creating marketing magic for your organization is something every business strives to do. Even when you have an in-house marketing person or team, you often look to hire an outside agency to help with some or all of your marketing and communications needs. Like any new relationship, chemistry with your marketing agency is important. Engaging in open dialogue and establishing trust will be the backbone of your success. So before you swipe right on a firm, take a look at the following tips to make sure you choose the right partner:

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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

It’s okay to vet your agency. Take a peek inside their organization and look for things like how much experience they have, who their team members are, what they value and who they have worked with in the past. Reach out and ask for referrals from their clients. After all, just as you want your customers to have confidence in your organization, you want to feel the same about your agency.

Hopping on Board

Depending on what projects or campaigns your agency is working on, there should be a discovery meeting and a creative brief process. Cooperation with your new agency will play a big part in the return on your investment. They may be the marketing experts but you are the expert when it comes to your business. Be prepared to offer them insight into your industry and allow them time to do their homework and research everything they need to know to accurately speak on your behalf.

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Firing on all Cylinders

Most agencies will assign you an account manager or point person. Your account manager should set up regular check-ins and assist you with setting up timelines and due dates to keep you on track and on budget. Remember they work for you, so you should always feel comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns. A great agency will welcome the feedback and work to make your experience with them as seamless as possible.

Hit it Out of the Park

There are a variety of different firms out there. Make sure you ask them ahead of time if they offer all the services you need. You would not go to a digital agency if you were looking for traditional advertising and vice versa. Be ok with the word no. As the customer, you should have the right to say no to certain ideas and projects. However, build the kind of relationship with your agency that allows them to say no to you. This can take some time, but if they are excellent at what they do, and they truly understand your needs and the needs of your customers, then their opinion should matter too.

Level Up

Let’s face it: you are investing in marketing because you want to grow your business. No matter what the scope of work, you and your agency should always determine how you measure success. Discuss what your goals are and decide how those goals can be measured. Your account manager should keep you informed of the progress and hopefully, if all goes well, you will experience the results first-hand!

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