10/27/2015 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations, Social Media

Facebook Makes Impulse Buying Easy

Facebook is changing once again, but this time it will affect your wallet instead of your layout.

As devoted Facebook users, we scroll down our newsfeed several times a day and see advertisement after advertisement encouraging us to buy the latest and greatest. The problem? We leave Facebook to purchase these products.To simplify our spending habits and push e-commerce, Facebook has decided to test two new features, a “shop” section and a “service” section as additional tabs along with news feed, pages and groups. Yes, this means you will be able to purchase whatever your heart desires without ever having to leave your Facebook page. Most importantly, the button will appear on mobile devices.

Ultimately, Facebook could eliminate the need for small businesses to have their own websites outside of Facebook. Facebook says it’s “exploring this idea in response to the growing popularity of ‘for sale’ groups on Facebook.” Currently, the online social networking service doesn’t plan to take a cut from the sales, and with advertisers chopping at the bit to get in on the ‘shop now’ action, it doesn’t look like Facebook will ever have to take a percentage of the sales. This gives advertisers and marketers the opportunity to not only secure a sale, but also learn what consumers are more likely to buy. Facebook says the updates are meant to make companies’ Facebook presence a more customized experience based on their business.

Jessica Munday

Jessica Munday

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