10/23/2015 CreateAthon, Make a Difference, Marketing and Public Relations

Rise and Shine Lowcountry!

Get out of bed you sleepy heads! We’ve got lots to share with you about our eventful all-nighter. That’s right…our 9th annual CreateAthon is coming to a close as the sun is preparing to break the horizon. Each year, we joke about how quickly CreateAthon comes and goes but alas all good things must come to an end. Well, at least temporarily until we embark on our 10th annual CreateAthon in 2016.

This year has been a blast. We celebrated the 90s while working nonstop for five great organizations in our community. Some 90s grunge helped to pull us through, while we weaved in some TLC and Hanson (not that those two should ever be lumped in the same category). So from 8 o’clock Thursday morning until 8 a.m. on Friday, Team TRIO has pumped out:

5 social media assessments and cover images
5 CreateAthon-To-Go kits
3 website assessments and improvements
1 rebranding case statement
1 corporate donation opportunity handout
1 enewsletter template
1 mobile app
1 event concept with event brand and promotional material
1 mission statement
1 brochure
1 logo
and a massive amount of food and coffee.

Shoutout to our friends – Fandrew (we mean Andrew) with Andrew Barton Design, Barry Waldman with Write Stuff Communications, Kathy Phlegar with Phlegar & Associates and Mary Sue Lawrence for popping by and participating in our fun, crazy bubble we call CreateAthon.

Kudos to Nelson Printing and NetGalaxy Studios for being the best partners ever. You continue to be the jelly to our PB & J! Your contributions help make CreateAthon that much more meaningful to our nonprofit recipients.

And Charleston Bagel Company, Verde and The Granary, you helped fuel our creative fires and kept our tummies full. Thank you!

So another CreateAthon is coming to a close (well actually our eyes are what’s doing the closing around here). But before we roll out, we have to recognize our friends at Riggs Partners in Columbia for being the driving force behind this crazy creative madness disorder. We’re all so honored to be a part of the club.

But most importantly of all…THANK YOU to our CreateAthon nonprofits. Keep doing what you’re doing. You truly rock!

Charleston Pipe Band
Chucktown Squash Scholars
Lowcountry Habitat for Humanity
Ohm Radio

Until next year…Peace out people!

P.S. Thanks Hoff for stopping by too!

Enjoy some photos from this year’s CreateAthon!

Jessica Munday

Jessica Munday

CEO & Founder

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