10/22/2015 CreateAthon, Make a Difference, Marketing and Public Relations

Reporting LIVE From TRIO’s CreateAthon

We’ve officially completed an entire days worth of work and have 15 more hours to continue this creative madness! Thus far, CreateAthon has been a total success. Even David Hasellhoff in the flesh (…or cardboard) showed up to offer his creative advice and his constant smile.

As we continue these long 24 hours, complete delirium is anticipated. Here is a glimpse of what happens during the stages of CreateAthon with a little help from the 90s.

1. It’s morning time and everyone is excited and ready to go!
2. After a meeting discussing projects you begin to realize how long 24 hours actually is.
3. You start working on projects and then realize how hungry you are.
4. After lunch you start to get the 3:00 feeling.
5. But you MUST keep going!
6. A few hours later things start getting weird…
7. You suddenly forget everything you know.
8. Everything in sight seems like it could be classified as “brain food”.
9. Bohemian Rhapsody becomes your 90s inspired motivational anthem.
10. You get extremely tired.
11. You get a second wind.
12. Then tired again.
13. The sun starts coming up and projects start getting finalized.
14. It’s morning and the creative insanity is finally finished.
15. CREATEATHON IS COMPLETE! You survived and you get to present the marketing deliverables to the clients who LOVE your work.



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