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Part 1: Nonprofit Tips from Nonprofit Tech For Good Certified Marketers

TRIO always encourages team members to pursue professional development opportunities. That’s why we jumped at the chance for Taylor and Caroline to receive their certificates in digital marketing and fundraising by completing a three-part series taught by international speaker, nonprofit marketing expert and Nonprofit Tech For Good founder and CEO, Heather Mansfield. The monthly webinars explored 101 best practices in website design, email marketing, online fundraising and social media best practices for nonprofits, NGOs and charitable organizations worldwide.

In this three-part blog series, they’ve rounded up their top takeaways you can start to use, share and apply to your organization today! Don’t miss parts two and three after you read this one.








Website & Email Marketing Best Practices

Your website is your virtual front door. Make sure it is clean and inviting and greets your guests (aka donors) with a warm and friendly smile! And be sure to let them know you are glad they stopped by. Follow these four best practices to make sure your welcome mat is rolled out and you’re ready to rock.

  1. To maximize online donations, your platform should offer donation pages that:
    • Have the same branding as your website.
    • Are mobile responsive.
    • Offer monthly and tribute giving.
    • Include multiple types of payments (PayPal, eCheck, Apple Pay, credit card for recurring payments, etc.).
    • Include “Donate” or “Give” on your home page, footer, contact page and on multiple pages within your website as appropriate.
  2. For the best website search results, ensure your site has: 
    • An SSL certificate (for best Google indexing and maximized results).
    • “.org” domain (the most trusted web domain).
    • A blog with relevant content to your sector.
  3. Increase email newsletter frequency to twice per month. In December, send email campaigns weekly.
    •  26% of online donors say that email is the communication tool that most inspires them to give. 
    • 44% say that regular, consistent email communication is what inspires them to give frequently and repeatedly.
  4. Ensure your emails and newsletters:
    • Have an email subscribe pop-up on your website homepage.
    • Are mobile responsive. 
    • Are personalized to the subscriber (first and last name) to improve deliverability.
    • Have a donate button at the bottom of the email.
    • Have a clean, updated contact list/database that includes engaged subscribers. Remove people who do not open your emails after three months.

Think like a Pro!

  • Prioritize website speed and security by investing in premium hosting service. You’ll see more traffic to your website and it will be more likely to show up in search results. 
  • Maximize your website design by utilizing the side bar with important call-to-actions.
  • The average number of emails recommended to send is ~50 over a full year: 
    • ~22 fundraising appeals
    • ~11 newsletters
    • ~7 advocacy messages
  • For a benchmark, the new nonprofit open rate average is now 29.3% (up 4.4% from 2019).

MIA the robot thinking

We know how important these strategies are when it comes to the success of your nonprofit! That’s why we have a dedicated nonprofit marketing megastar ready to help you make a lasting impact with your digital marketing efforts. Email MIA today and start making marketing magic!



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