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Part 3: Nonprofit Tips from Nonprofit Tech For Good Certified Marketers

This is the last blog in our three-part series about digital marketing and fundraising. If you haven’t already, go read parts one and two first.

Taylor and Caroline are sharing the most useful social media findings from the webinar led by Nonprofit Tech For Good founder and CEO, Heather Mansfield.

The digital marketing converting online followers into advertising money.

Social Media Best Practices

Your social media channels are like your pool, aka the “fun” part of your house. Everyone always wants to go to the house with the pool. If you have good social media accounts, your followers will talk you up to all their friends. Follow these four best practices to find different circles and meet new people.

  1. Enable supporters to create Facebook Fundraisers on behalf of your nonprofit.
    • Fundraisers who are thanked raise 35% more than those not.
    • Ask your audience to set one up in your emails and on your website (include it in your “Other Ways to Give” page).
    • Send out reminder emails 2 weeks before their birthday asking them to fundraise for your organization.
  2. Without paying to boost or place ads on social media, the top social channels rank in organic viability by: 
    • Facebook: 4%
    • Instagram: 4%
    • Twitter: 6%
    • LinkedIn: 8%

For example, for Facebook, this means for every 100 followers, only 4 people will have your content in their feed but doesn’t even guarantee they will see it.

  1. Encourage staff to complete their LinkedIn profiles, share your page and share content. Executive staff should constantly publish relevant articles on LinkedIn about your organization, related content to your sector or your industry.
  2. Embrace Twitter’s opportunity to reach new audiences and share updates about your organization. Retweet more often and follow local influencers, media and journalists to maximize your awareness.

Think like a Pro! 

  • To generate any significant awareness on Facebook, you must invest in boosting and place ads at a minimum of $100 a month for at least a 10-day placement timeframe.
  • Place ads on Twitter. It has a higher click-through rate and lower cost per click at $0.38.
  • Create Facebook AND LinkedIn events to promote to different audiences.

MIA thinking

Ready to put these tips into practice, but don’t know where to start? MIA, our nonprofit marketing megastar, is ready to help your organization make meaningful change. Email her today!



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