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Posts With Purpose: Best Practices For Nonprofit Blogs

Calling all nonprofits! Is your blog living up to its potential? For any modern business, a blog is now a must. These digital newsfeeds are for more than sharing updates. They help you build and connect with an audience. They can create brand loyalty. Most importantly, their SEO potential and benefits are essential to your brand’s online discovery. 

As you might already know, our team is a big fan of Nonprofit Tech For Good, and, after participating in its “Blogging Best Practices for Nonprofits” webinar, we walked away with some awesome insights that we just had to share.

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What are the benefits of a well-built blog?

The answer is simple. Blogging can help you spread the word about…well…just about anything! Your values, mission and vision? Yep! Your and client successes? ✅ Can it help you build relationships? Absolutely! It could even increase donations if you play your cards right. (How? We’ll show you how to build your winning hand right here!) Plus, they can be a powerful tool for connecting with potential volunteers.

Modern businesses require modern blogs!

If you’re new or have been out of the blogging loop for some time, the blogging game has changed. Gone are the early days of message boards and comment sections. However, we believe change can be exciting! This new age of blogging and SEO opens all new avenues for your organization to explore and new skills to help your team grow. So…what does “modern blogging” mean?

Who should write my blogs?

Most blogs today are written in the third person by varying internal (or external parties in your organization. This means your nonprofit’s content will often require a team effort. 

Just like there are many experts in your industry, there are certainly those on your team more versed in topics than others, allowing everyone a moment to shine. However, despite which expert supplies the content, always provide written pieces to your official marketing/content team for proofing and approval before posting!

How often should I post?

A blogging schedule is vital to maintaining relevancy with your audience. So how often should you blog? While bloggers used to post between two to six times per week back in the day, common schedules now range anywhere between once a month to once or twice a week. In our webinar, we learned that nonprofits can feel comfortable blogging as little as once every other week.

What should I name my blog?

The name of your blog can vary based on the needs and aesthetics of your organization. Simply put, blogs don’t need to be called “Blog.” Common alternative names include “News,” “Media” or “Stories.”

How long should my blogs be?

According to SEO best practices, the ideal blog post length is around 2,000+ words. However, smaller organizations (like many nonprofits) lack the resources to create content of this volume regularly. And that’s ok! According to Nonprofit Tech For Good, these organizations can still find success from 250-1,000-word posts.

Format your blog with a winning formula.

There is more to writing successful content than putting words down on the page…or screen, in this case. A successful blogging strategy requires insightful, engaging content optimized for both the reader and the web. To create content that checks all the boxes, adhere your posts to this format:

  • Break up copy with large headings, bolded text, screengrabs, graphics, etc.
  • Add variety to your content with bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Maintain size consistency with all embedded images.
  • Use short paragraphs to make information easily digestible.
  • Incorporate keywords into your content and titles.

Pro Tip: While content can cover many topics, always think of ways your blog can convert readers. How can you lead them to subscribe to your newsletter? Is there a way to weave in a donation ask? Calls-to-action can be embedded in copy, but don’t be afraid to utilize your sidebar for sign-up blocks and ads as well.

Build a blogging content strategy that works for you.

Relevant, consistent content is the reason readers return. There are countless stories to tell, and with the right angle, your nonprofit can share it all (as long as it makes sense, of course)!

When creating your blogging strategy, consider the following:

  • What questions are you trying to answer?
  • Who is your audience, and what do they care about?
  • How can you keep content fresh while staying true to your mission?
  • What topics will attract new audiences and donors?
  • Where can you share stories that aren’t directly related to your cause but still speak to it?
  • Are there any current events or newsworthy items that should be addressed in blog posts or social media?

Remember, while data and news can show you as credible in the eyes of readers, real, human stories help us connect emotionally with brands. How can you share your nonprofit’s impact with real-world examples? By curating thoughtful content with a clear purpose, you’ll be sure to build a library of compelling stories and make an impact on your readers.

Let TRIO take the “blah” out of the blogging process!

Does blogging take time away from your nonprofit’s efforts? TRIO can lend a hand! Our creative team is ready to help create and execute a winning blogging and SEO strategy that helps your mission be seen. Contact us today to hear more about our marketing services. Oh, and explore our blog for topics on other marketing strategies you can implement today!

Kevin Sninsky

Kevin Sninsky


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