09/23/2014 Digital, Marketing and Public Relations

Knock Writer’s Block! Developing Content for Your Website

Are you finding yourself at a loss for words? Or are you quick on your keys? Either way, developing web content is easier with a few factors in place. These three tips always help me develop content for a website and can help navigate you through the basics of laying a solid foundation.

1. What’s your point?

Here at Trio, we are fortunate to work with various companies that request a variety of services. From healthcare to homebuilders, we provide marketing communications services to many different clients—a challenge and an advantage. When writing content for a site, I always remind myself to bring it back to the basics. It can be easy to wander, so make sure your content remains focused. Are you developing a clothing site? While you may want to tell a little back-story, refrain from going off on a tangent about your company start-up. Are you promoting a restaurant? Don’t beef up pages with useless information. Instead, write about all the delicious dishes that will have the consumer drooling. It’s frustrating to wade through endless web pages trying to find obvious information that didn’t make it to the homepage.

2. Who do you think you’re talking to?

Some clients seek a casual and friendly online presence, while others prefer a more formal tone. If you’re trying to sell something, use a persuasive, confident tone. Think about your target reader. For example, if you’re developing a site targeting children, use vocabulary that’s kid-friendly and easy to understand. Do you want your viewer to be laughing? Don’t be afraid to throw in some cynical satire or goofy one-liners if you have room to play around.

3. What are you waiting for?

I love to write. I find it mentally and artistically challenging. I love stringing the words together to keep the reader bouncing from one word to the next. Still, I have moments where I seem to press only the backspace key. It’s a bad idea. Some of my best pieces have resulted when I opened my laptop, stopped thinking and just wrote. Once you have pages of content, go back and make edits until the sun comes up. If you wait for perfection, you’ll never finish.

Here are my favorite quick tips. I use inspiration both inside and outside the office to come up with new ideas or develop ones when I’m stuck.



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