Gabe’s Chemo Duck

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Huggable Hope for Children Living With Cancer

A Friend for Life

Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program© provides education and comfort to children and families going through cancer treatment. This is a program that holds a special place in our hearts. We became involved in 2006 and took on the responsibility of developing the program’s branding and overall communication plan.

For the branding of Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program©, we wanted to create a mark that was youthful, warm and approachable. The children receiving these ducks are used to seeing the muted tones of a hospital room day in and day out – and we wanted this brand to serve as a welcome relief from that.

How we helped

  • Launched New Store
  • Partner Building (Francesca, Duck Donuts)
  • Fundraising Event Planning
  • Media Outreach
  • Created a communication plan
  • Devised interactive marketing efforts

The real impact

  • Helping to provide 60k ducks in 18 years
  • 9 Duck Derbies
  • +10k followers on Facebook
  • 120+ affiliate hospitals across the country
  • 30+ celebrity supporters
Gabe's Chemo Duck Logo
Gabe's Chemo Duck Website

A Journey Toward Hope

To help share Gabe’s story and reach other children and families in a similar situation, we went digital. We created a website with tons of resources, as well as monthly emails with important information about treatment, ultimately establishing Gabe’s Chemo Duck as a trusted resource for those looking for comfort and support during an extremely difficult time.

As a way to reward a child for their bravery and patience during treatment, we helped design Gabe’s Chemo Duck Passport Program. Every time a child attends a doctor’s appointment, they can have the doctor stamp or sign the passport. The more stamps and signatures collected, the more prizes a child can receive. After all, even small victories are worth celebrating.

Gabe's Chemo Duck Francescas Partnership
Gabe's Chemo Duck Social Stories
Gabe's Chemo Duck Newsletter
It has been my very great pleasure to work alongside TRIO for more than 15 years now. Simply put, TRIO is part of the heart that keeps Chemo Duck alive. LU SIPOS, FOUNDER/CEO OF GABE'S CHEMO DUCK PROGRAM

Hopeful Efforts

Like all those Team TRIO works with, Gabe’s Chemo Duck is a client whose mission is so much more than a list of projects. It has been an honor to share this brand’s story and bring smiles to those who need them most.

Chemo Duck and friends goes camping

Chemo Duck and friends go surfing

Chemo Duck sails the high seas

Chemo Duck heads to the playground

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