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Never say I can’t. Always say I’ll try.

To Educate and Nurture

With a family legacy in childcare services, Lowcountry parents can count on Ruby’s Academy.

Inspired by a legacy of childhood educators, Ruby’s Academy has been educating Lowcountry children and helping them tap into their potential since 2008. TRIO knows that our children are our future, which is why we eagerly devoted our efforts toward aiding Ruby’s cause.

Our focus was heavily placed on creating both branding and digital assets for this client. Parts of TRIO’s creative team took care to refresh the Ruby Academy image with a redesign of their existing logo, while others helped to create various advertisements for social media and beyond. Meanwhile, our web team focused on updates to the facility’s website.

How we helped

  • Marketing Plan
  • Enrollment Landing Page
  • Rebrand
  • Marketing Plan
  • New Web Development
  • Social Media Ads
  • Print Collateral

The real impact

  • Efforts resulted in waiting list for enrollment
  • 90% new web visitors
  • 317 landing page conversions
Ruby's Academy Logo
Ruby's Academy Website

An Environment to Thrive

This school is in session with a slew of new assets. Though the brand may appear new, Lowcountry parents can still expect Ruby’s Academy to provide their children with nothing but the best. Now, they have high-quality branding to match their services.

If you need a lesson on unlocking your brand’s full potential, give our triple threat marketing agency a call! Team TRIO can tutor you for success.

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