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Don’t Forget These Marketing Solutions in 2024

Have your marketing needs evolved? So have our solutions! We’ve been busy fine-tuning offerings that help you stand out and corner the market while capturing your essence. These TRIO solutions (no pun intended) can prepare your mission for new creative frontiers!

DESIGN DECK | $500/month

Example of TRIO's Design Deck which includes Canva graphics and brand studio

With TRIO’s Design Deck program, our talented creatives ensure you always make the most of Canva’s toolkit with a complete set of uniquely branded, professionally designed, polished and reviewed resources.

Packages begin at $500 per month and include the following items/services:

  • In-house setup of your Canva brand tool kit
  • A quarterly “Be a Canva Whiz” virtual session sharing essential tips, tricks and insights for the platform
  • As-needed review of your graphics, including proofreading for AP Style

For more information, view and download our Design Deck solution one sheet.


TRIO's links page, White Duck Taco Shop's links page and Poe Group Advisors's links page displayed on phone screen

Tired of changing the link in your bio? Have multiple links but no space to share them all? TRIO’s Links Pages are custom-built and branded to meet your needs. This one-stop page provides an easy-to-access location for all essential content. Custom links pages are convenient, easy to use and feature SEO benefits not typical of standard Linktree pages.

Packages include the following items/services for a $500 one-time fee:

  • Professionally designed webpage, including your most important links
  • Seamless integration into your existing website
  • Important SEO benefits

For more information, view and download our Links Page solution one sheet.  


Example of ADA Compliance on TRIO's website

TRIO’s ADA Web Compliance Package solution increases your site’s accessibility to capture more clients with the ultimate user-friendly web experience. Increased accessibility plays a substantial role in simultaneously improving your website’s SEO and user experience.

Packages are available for an annual fee of $499 and include the following services/items:

  • Seamless integration of accessiBe code into your existing website
  • Ensured ADA compliance of your brand’s web experience
  • Technical web support for issues related to your accessiBe add-on

For more information, view and download our ADA Web Compliance solution one sheet.  

TIKTOK MANAGEMENT | Starting at $1,500/month

Three phones showing various TRIO TikToks

TikTok allows brands to get more creative than ever with their messaging. It provides audiences with a new way to get to know their favorite brand. TRIO’s TikTok management package offers an exciting, collaborative process between our team and yours to strategically capitalize on this new frontier.

Packages begin at $1,500 per month and include the following items/services:

  • Setup and management of TikTok channel
  • Quarterly content planning sessions 
  • Monthly on-site filming sessions
  • TikTok editing, creation, monitory and engagement

For more information on TRIO’s social media management packages, view trio-solutions.com/solutions/web.


Is your brand protected? Whether you’ve just opened or have been in business for years, trademarks are critical to increasing customer recognition, discovery and safeguard of your brand. We’ve partnered with an expert attorney to cover these bases under one easy solution. Our all-inclusive package covers filing and trademark search fees…and more!

Services available for a one-time $1,000 fee and include the following:

  • Comprehensive search of USPTO federal trademark database ad all 50 state’s trademark databases
  • Trademark common law and domain name search
  • Attorney-filed federal trademark application for name and logo

To learn more, view and download our Trademark Solutions one sheet.

From marketing plans to social media, TRIO does it all!

Whether you’re starting your marketing journey or ready for a refresh, our creative team of marketing professionals can help you achieve your goals. Contact TRIO today to learn about our full line of solutions and explore how our expert strategists can elevate your brand!



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