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All About Our Event Services

Before you can market an event, you have to plan it! We may thrive on marketing, but the creative, highly methodical and organized strategic planning that goes into every last detail of a memorable event is where our team shines. There is a lot of overlap between the services we offer and the synergy that comes from approaching all of our event projects from idea to execution. No matter the goal of the event, we help bring your vision to life in every way possible and then some! The messaging around your event and how you share that with potential attendees, the media or the general public needs to be strategic and that starts with a plan. We work seamlessly with event planners of all kinds to ensure success. We also jump in and take the reins from the first step. We have a team of award-winning event planners that know exactly how to build your timeline and execute it to perfection. Whether you need us to coordinate vendors, manage volunteers, be on-site for day-of coordination, run your registration or make your decor appear effortless, Team TRIO can do it all! We pride ourselves on first learning about the company and what the event is trying to accomplish. Then, we use this information to create thoughtful touches that set your occasion apart. That’s how we help create a conference or event that attendees will remember for the rest of their lives. Taking an event and giving it the TRIO touch is where the magic happens; for instance, we recently used plantable place cards for the environmentally-focused Lowcountry Land Symposium. Those are the kind of thoughtful, out-of-the-box ideas you can expect when you work with TRIO.

Did we mention that we plan the largest conference for nonprofit leaders in the state every year?

These touches are made possible because we develop meaningful relationships with the clients that we help. (For more on how we value clients, we suggest reading our account manager Molly’s take on what the Dream Girls conference meant to her.) 

Besides figuring out details for the big day, a huge part of promoting an event these days is done digitally. We can help you set up an event-specific landing page or website that’s completely optimized to get noticed on Google. Then, we can work with social media advertising, posting and going live to get the word out and get people hyped for your special occasion! We’ll also help you craft the perfect e-mail blast campaign that hooks your audience and builds anticipation.

Of course, you can also pack that extra punch with traditional advertising and making sure that you’ve branded the event correctly and cohesively to compliment your existing brand so that potential guests understand and are excited for what’s to come! Then it’s time for press releases and media contact.

This year’s Nonprofit Summit was a huge success!

All of this can definitely be overwhelming when you’re also trying to pin down venues, speakers, promotional items, the list goes on… It’s worth it to have experts handle your event planning and marketing from step a to step z. That way, you can focus on other important things, like sponsorships or which suit or dress to wear! Give us a call at (843) 216-0442 or email us at info@trio-solutions.com so we can get started on your perfect event today!

Oh and by the way–we’re not just limited to planning conferences and meetings–fundraising events and grand openings are also within our wheelhouse! We’re kind of event experts at this point. The biggest event of our year? CreateAthon. We’re the only agency in the Lowcountry that puts on this event and it’s an awesome way for us to make a difference in our community. Our team stays up for 24 hours working on projects for nonprofits and each year, we pick a theme. Last year, we went full Willy Wonka and had an evening filled with pure imagination. This year, we’re excited to have a Disney theme–here’s hoping that we can harness some of Walt’s creative genius!



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