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All About Our Marketing Services


At TRIO, three is our magic number. You’ll notice it threaded throughout all that we do. It’s in our tagline of “Be seen. Be heard. Be creative.” It’s in our philosophy of “Work hard. Enjoy Life. Make a difference.” It’s obviously in our name. We even stand on three pillars: marketing, events and digital. We’re all about using the power of three to our marketing advantage! Just like snap, crackle and pop, we’ve been utilizing the brain’s natural way of gravitating towards sets of threes to create marketing collateral with a lasting impact. In our next three posts, we’ll be explaining exactly what you can expect by using our marketing services in Charleston, South Carolina.


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Our marketing pillar includes traditional marketing communications, branding and media and public relations. While digital advertising has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, we don’t discount the power of traditional advertising, like billboards, print ads and more. We also offer digital services because we understand the synergy needed to create cohesive messaging across platforms. Marketing plans are a major throughline that is essential for brands to achieve synergy within their communications. That’s why we pride ourselves on planning everything from the start so that nothing slips through the cracks and all components work together seamlessly. To do this, we use market research and make sure that your database is developed to its fullest extent so that your brand reaches the right people with the right message.

We also offer services like creating print collateral such as business cards, print ads, programs, direct mail campaigns and more. Sales promotion is a large component of why businesses need print collateral, and we also have been heralded as experts in pulling it all together to reach the end of the sales funnel with successful transactions. That’s because we put our unique, creative spin to create unexpected collateral that delights the recipient. We go out of the box to appeal to the overly-inundated consumer.


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From a strategic branding aspect, every brand needs foundational knowledge of who their audience is, what their values are and an understanding of their company culture. Companies often put the cart before the horse, focusing on product sales before the foundation has been built. That’s why it’s so important to establish a marketing plan and branding guidelines before moving forward with messaging. We offer services like brand guides, name creation, tagline development and corporate identity development to help solidify your brand to later resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

When it’s time to get the word out for events, launches, or even crisis communications, we can handle not only the digital campaigns but also advocacy campaigns, media relations and news releases.

In the end, we treat clients more like family. From inception, we make sure that our working relationship is built on trust, healthy communication and respect so that we are completely prepared to work hand in hand to achieve branding bliss.



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